What you think about grows

When I think of the word mindfulness I think about awareness. As humans we think all day long, as soon as you wake up your mind starts thinking. This made me think about my thoughts and how I could be mindful and sustainable at the same time. Mindfulness does not come easy it is actually pretty hard. To try and collect your thoughts and make them proactive is a challenge but it takes practice. When you start to become mindful about yourself and the world around you it can have a positive effect on your life short and long term. 

I believe if you are mindful of your-self you are mindful of the world around you which helps to live sustainable. The reading and the video went hand and hand as both want you to work on finding that inner you to help better the world. It makes sense, if you are happy with your life and how you feel people will see that and good vibes will be presents and if you are sad and distant the whole mood will change. Meditation is a great way to be mindful. I wish I was taught mindfulness at a young age, to learn how to be aware and to have been taught to enjoy the present moment than dwelling on the past or future would have been amazing. After hearing about the breathing exercises, I have been doing them every night. I am a person who tends to hold a lot of emotions in during the day and to do some water and whiskey breathing at the end of the day brings a weight off my chest and I feel more relaxed. 


About heybettywhite

I am a student at the University of Oklahoma State looking forward to learning more about what these younger kids are calling "Wicked Problems."
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