Being Mindful

To think about mindfulness makes one really take a step back and evaluate one’s life. When I think about mindfulness, I wonder whether I am making smart decisions that won’t hurt the earth. It makes me act more sustainable because I find that I will rethink buying a plastic bottle at Adams Market or throwing plastic food containers in the trash instead of putting them in the recycling bin. I think about how these simple changes in my everyday actions can save future generations on earth. 

            Mark Cohen gave a TED talk where he spoke about wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability. In the talk, he mentioned how meditating could help one become more mindful and thus more sustainable. Similarly, the ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability reading also made this connection. The article said that by practicing mindfulness meditation, one will become more aware of his or her values which would then lead to making more sustainable choices and actions. I was unable to understand how meditation could have an effect on the way one views sustainability until we actually practiced it in class. When we did the water, whiskey, coffee meditation, I was really able to slow down my thoughts and think about important things like being more mindful. 

            In picking a topic to research, I stumbled upon the hazards that designers cause by implementing nonrenewable energy sources in their designs. Over time, this energy releases a large portion of the greenhouse gases that are big contributors to climate change. By being more mindful and thinking about the harmful effects that designers’ actions have, I have a new appreciation for sustainable design. As I continue to research about this topic, I am interested to learn ways a designer can not only implement renewable energy sources into his or her designs, but also ways in which certain materials chosen by him or her can lessen the amount of energy needed for a building. 

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