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Mindfulness is more than just a term. For some, it means more than others. For some, it means nothing. However, for the majority of people mindfulness takes place in their every day life and has for years. Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which one can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training. In other words, it suggests that the mind is fully drawn into what is happening around you, what you’re doing, and the space around you. This also means to care what is going on with other people’s lives around you and become concerned with their well being. Overall, it is becoming aware and concerned with your surroundings and wellbeing.

This is something we all can work on each and every day. It is always a good idea to become more mindful of what is going on around you and with others. Mindfulness intensifies experiences with the natural environment, which may foster a stronger connection with the natural world, and in turn, may regulate behavior by making sustainable options more salient. These two terms relate to each other in a way that mindfulness is a way of staying sustainable. Marc Cohen’s TED talk relates to this topic very well. He talks about how important it is to make time and put forth effort into becoming mindful. Not only for yourself, but for others. He also talks about the term “namaste”. This means the practice of a respectable greeting. You can practice mindfulness by doing meditation, yoga, being around others, becoming active in social events, and many other ways.

During activity 2 we looked over our problem we decided on, looked over why it was such a big deal, why it means something to you, and what was our solution. For me, my problem was the excessive waste of apparel and what we should do with it. This is important to me because not only do I love fashion and clothing, but I believe it is terrible to watch good fabric and clothing pieces go to waste because of un proper use and excessive waste. The cause of this problem is that when a piece of fabric rips or tears on a clothing piece, most people decide to throw the whole entire piece of clothing away. When the better answer to the problem is to recycle the clothing piece and use it for another outfit, or fix the ripped piece. This would be a way more efficient solution than just throwing the fabric and already made clothing piece away. I am currently learning on how to recycle and reuse the fabric that is thrown away in trash cans. Also, locations that these clothing pieces can be dropped off to reuse the fabric.

I meditate usually on a daily basis. So the meditating exercise we practiced in class was very helpful and calming. I am a firm believer on taking time out of your life to really focus on self care and focus on the bigger picture. This exercise was extremely helpful and I hope it was for others as well.

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