Connecting With Life

Meditation. A place of peace and connection. I have always had a love for meditation and being one with my body and mind. Everyday I try to mediate throughout the day because life and school can sometimes be stressful, so finding center and stopping just for a second within the day helps me with being less stressed. Furthermore, when we did mediation in class it was peaceful to connect with my mind and find focus. I didn’t know about the other mediation exercises, coffee breathe and whiskey breathe, but I will however be using those exercises more often in my day to day life. Nevertheless, for me I feel that mediation and mindfulness falls into the same category, they both bring you to being aware in the present moment. Having learned more about mindfulness last week I feel that I have captured a greater knowledge on the meaning of mindfulness and the relation it has with sustainability. I believe that there are many ways to go about mindfulness, but in relation to sustainability it can help us be more aware of what’s happening around us in our world. 

I’ve gathered a better knowledge on this topic by reading “Mindfulness and Sustainability”. This article talked about how human-driven habits change, over exploitation, and have driven to one of the greatest impacts, climate change. So being aware of what’s around happening around you and knowing what it takes to be more sustainable, can help lead our planet in the right direction. We even did an activity as well which related back to being mindful and sustainable, we had to find a problem within the industry that needed to be changed. I decided to choose fast fashion within the industry and how there are too many garments being produced as well as too much waste of garments being thrown away causing environmental issues. So, being more mindful of sustainability and what you do in your daily lives can make a bigger impact on the world and environment. As well as continuing on with mindfulness the TED talk we watched in class gave me a better idea on what mindfulness truly means. Marc Cohen’s talked about the difference between health and wellness. To be happy in your life is to be well and surrounded by good people, and being mindful of what’s around you. He even goes on to talk about how our balance is determined by the world and if the world isn’t balanced then we aren’t balanced, we can’t be well if we aren’t integrated with the world.

However, I have come to the conclusion that being more mindful in sustainability can have such a big impact on the world we live in. I have loved giving the chance to practice meditation within class and take just a few seconds within the day to reconnect. It was very insightful learning more about meditation and grasping a better knowledge on mindfulness in relation to sustainability. In the end, I will definitely be taking what I learned this week with me to be more mindful in what I do and continue to practice meditation throughout the days.

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