How Mindfulness Can Save Yourself and Others

I think mindfulness is so important to acquire in our everyday lives. This can be succeeded by the practice of being aware of how our brain, heart and soul works, but it is also obtained by being aware of what is going on around us. Being mindful can benefit so many aspects in our life such as, mental health, caring less about yourself and more about other things. This will benefit you and the people around you.

When humans care less about themselves and more about helping the earth’s health, we also become more inclined to care about sustainability. When we care less about getting a coffee that is contained by pollution causing plastics and paper that kills more trees every day, we can begin to change what is important to us. There are many links between mindfulness and sustainability. The more mindfulness we have the more empathy we have for other things.   

Marc Cohen talked about how he wants to create wellness in academic environments. He explained wellness as experiencing fulfillment. He explained how different types of medicines around the world want to achieve different goals. For example, he said that western medicine wants to help people only enough so that they will stop complaining. It’s like they just want to put a band-aid on the problem instead of healing deeper down. I like how he explains how we should not be separate from the universe but a part of it. It is important to be well, because when humans are ill, they make things about themselves. But when they are healthy physically and mentally they are more inclined to have a we mentality.

When Raskin says, “A transition to sustainability through new technologies, resources, and production processes, in a world with a growing population with increasing demand for consumption, would be like climbing up a down escalator” (Paragraph 2). It’s scary to think that because of our species, population growth and being irresponsible is causing irreversible harm to the environment. I like how he says, we should be one. Energy and matter cannot be destroyed. It means how we are cohesive and should one with the environment. It is a beautiful concept if we can achieve it.

In activity 2, I want to research how textile waste affects the environment and how consumers or companies can change their ways. It’s a big deal because, people buy way too many clothes and also companies don’t dispose of clothes properly. If we value saving the earth’s environment we all should be more conscientious about what we buy and how we get rid of the items. This can be a major cause of pollution.

In class, we exercised different types of breathing meditations. We did coffee breathing, whiskey breathing and water breathing. We closed our eyes and focused on a simple task, but it was still very effective to my mind. It made my thoughts feel sharp and I began to relax. I plan to continue practicing these exercises each day and continue being mindful.

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