Just Meditate!

Being mindful correlates directly with how we treat the Earth. Every action we take has an outcome. Something as simple as throwing a water bottle into the recycling bin rather than the trash is a small step towards being mindful. Why should you focus on mindfulness? Its simple, being aware of your thoughts and body improves the over all quality of life as well as enhances productivity. Research also indicates that mindfulness has positive effects on both well-being and empathy, and it can promote awareness of an individual’s “true” values.

While watching the Marc Cohen TED Talk I was intrigued by one of the points he made. He describes paranoia in two different way. The first being that thinking the world is out to get you while the other is the belief that the world will make you happy. He describes both of these to be delusions. I found this to be an interesting take on this topic. The idea that the world and everyone in it is going to make you happy is not uncommon but quite ridiculous. It reminded me that the most important perception is your own.

Mark Cohen also spoke about wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability. In the talk he made several interesting points, one of which is the importance of meditation. Both Mark Cohen and the article on ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ discuss how meditation can be a great tool. Many things come from meditating but one of the most important is one becomes more aware of their values. By being more aware of their values it makes them more aware of their actions as well. Often this results in small or big changes in ones lifestyle or actions. I enjoyed my experience with meditation, not only was it calming but made me process through my week and plan ahead.

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