Megan’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great way to help reduce stress and improve mental health. Mindfulness can bring about great social change and is related to sustainability. I think it is important to think about your thinking and daily meditation is a great way to do this. Everyone can easily spend at least a few minutes everyday just breathing and meditating. While practicing mindfulness, you need to focus your attention on your breath coming in and going out and try not to let your mind wander. Mindfulness can help society become more sustainable as well. Mindfulness helps us relate to ourselves, others and our environment with compassion and we can all practice it. This can help us change how we think about the social and environmental crises that affect our world and can also help us take actions needed to build a more sustainable society. 

The “Mindfulness and Sustainability” reading was very eye-opening. Ecosystems are under extreme pressure due to high levels of material consumption and mindfulness can help people have higher sustainable behavior. Being mindful basically means being aware of what is going on within ourselves and outside in the world. Meditation can help enhance and train mindfulness and this has positive effects on both well-being and empathy. 

For Activity 1, I turned in a Problem Statement as it related to the Wicked Problem I wanted to pursue as part of my Investigation Report for the class. The problem I chose was the material usage in housing and how it is going to waste in the housing industry. This is a wicked problem because there is not just one solution on how to solve this and many people have different views on this topic. One of the articles I am using that relates to my problem is from the Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology. This article discusses sustainable building materials for low-cost housing. There is a huge demand for affordable urban housing and using locally available building materials for housing can reduce the buildings impact on the environment. I am learning that bamboo, compressed earth blocks, interlocking blocks of recycled materials, and improved concrete panels are all possible sustainable building materials. 

I have been trying hard to practice daily mindfulness meditation. It is very relaxing and helps me cope with my high stress levels. I am very busy with my major, soccer, social life and community service events so I am always on the go and feel as if I never caught a break. I now take a moment during my day to stop and meditate. I focus on my breathing and clear my mind of all thoughts. I always leave meditation less stressed and not as worried about the future. I become more focused on the present moment. 

My sustainability journey has been going well. I have placed a recycle bin in my dorm so I have started to recycle cans, paper, and glass. I have tried to go through my clothes and things I own and donate items to Goodwill or thrift stores in Stillwater. I have tried to reduce it by only buying what I need so I don’t waste anything later on. I have tried to reuse by making double-sided copies when printing homework, worksheets, or syllabus for classes and tutors. It is very easy for me to recycle by living at Bennett Hall on campus. They have a huge recycle bin right outside of my room so I can easily walk down and recycle. 

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