Paranoia or Pronoia? The Difference in Perspective

Although it is only the third week of class, I have already expanded my knowledge on sustainability and mindfulness. According to the reading “Basically, being mindful means being aware, taking note of what is going on within ourselves and outside in the world, without shying away from information or feelings that we do not like or do not wish to be true” (Ericson, Kjonstad,Barstad.) In our ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ reading it touched on mindfulness and how that has been proven not only to improve wellness but also individual’s sustainability efforts. “Well-being, empathy, and awareness of values can in turn lead to more sustainable behaviors” (Ericson, Kjonstad, Barstad.) One thing that really stood out to me during Marc Cohen’s TED Talk was when he brought up the analogy about paranoia. He basically said that paranoia: thinking the world is out to get you, and pronoia: the belief the world is out to make you happy, are both delusions. Therefore, you get to choose which delusion you believe and want to practice! I really like this perspective as it can really make you evaluate how you view the world currently and how you would like to view the world in the future. Another thing I learned about wellness from this video is that wellness and happiness are two separate things. Cohen said “it’s really hard for me to be happy if I’m not well.” Part of wellness is learning the practice of meditation. Prior to this class I knew of one breathing technique, however I do not commonly practice it. I really enjoyed learning about the different types of breathing techniques and what they are specifically good for. I am excited to implement these to my sustainability journey and see if they do help me to improve my mindfulness and overall wellness. 

I chose to explore the topic fast fashion for many reasons. I am a merchandising major therefore it is closely related to that particular field, however I think it is extremely relevant to today’s society and everyday life. I have always found fast fashion interesting and have purchased items from fast fashion companies in the past. After taking several merchandising courses I quickly learned the numerous effects of fast fashion clothes on the environment when they are not properly recycled. Not only are there numerous sustainability issues, but there are a lot of ethical issues as well. I am excited to dive deeper into this topic and learn more about fast fashion, and what it will look like in the future. I think by expanding my knowledge not only on the environmental side of things of fashion, but also the ethical side will help me improve and move forward on my sustainability journey.

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