Relax and be Mindful

I think that it is good to mindful. The article talked about how we can be mindful and why we should be mindful. When we are mindful about our life and what we are doing we can make better decision. When we are mindful we can be more sustainable. When we are mindful we can be aware of recycling and making better decision. The article talked about when we are we can better distinguish our wants from our needs. We can also have a better perspective on our world and our ecosystem. 

For activity 2 I choose a topic to explore. I chooses fast fashion because its related me my major is fashion merchandising. I also choose fast fashion because there is a lot of clothing made fast and cheap to keep up with the current fashion trends. However, with doing this the clothing is made poorly so it doesn’t last as long so in the end there is more clothing ending up in landfilled.  

I found the TED talk we watched in class interesting. Explaining that we should look at breathing like water, coffee, and whiskey. If we use these breathing exercise’s it can help us with meditation and help us relax. He explained that breathing like water should be our everyday breathing  because we need it like we need water. Coffee breathing is used to wake your body up to get ready for the day or before working out its related to coffee because coffee also wakes your body up. Whiskey breathing is used to reduce your heart rate and reduce activity in your muscles. Whiskey breathing is used to calm down or rest a lot like drinking whiskey. 

I found the meditation exercise really relaxing. I could see myself using this in my everyday life to calm myself down. I tend to get really stressed out about little everyday things so I can use meditations to calm myself down and relax.  

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