To do list: Be mindful

Mindfulness can mean many different things to people, but the definition of mindfulness for me is being aware of what is around you. A great way to practice mindfulness is to mediate. Meditation helps you to connect with what is going on around you. Setting aside 10 minutes of your day to meditate slows you down and helps you have a better day. During classes we meditated, and it was nice to have a few minutes to myself relaxed. Being mindful is more than meditating. In the article it talks about how being mindful rubs off on people. The more mindful we are the more mindful people are. Being mindful ties into sustainability. If we are being mindful and aware of our surrounding and aware of our earth, we will notice that our earth is dying. Being mindful allows us to live a more stainable life which will influence others to do the same. 

After reading the “Mindfulness and Sustainability” article I realized that we can use mindfulness to be sustainable. In the article it says that “studies suggest that happiness is correlated with several forms of sustainable behavior.” Being mindful leads to well-being which then leads to sustainable behavior. After reading this article I believe that everyone should start practicing being mindful. This leads to better health which makes you feel better overall. “Having better health and wellbeing is beneficial to ourselves and to those around us.” When I read this, I realized I have the power to make people feel happier…why would I not want to do that? This article helped me realize the important of meditation and that it is not just a silly thing people do. Another example is in the TED talk we watched in class, Marc Cohen’s talked about the difference between wealth and health. Basically, what he is saying is that to be happy we must surround ourselves with happy people. He talked about how our world is not balanced therefore we do not feel balanced but being mindful can lead us to a balanced life. Overall this reading and TED talk helped me better understand the importance of mindfulness. 

After learning about sustainability and mindfulness I started to realize that everything around us is hurting our earth. For the investigative report I wanted to choose a topic that related to me and my major. I learned through an Instagram page that most of the earths waste is coming from the fashion industry. After learning about this I decided I wanted to learn more. For my activity 2 I chose to write about textile waste in factories. After reading about textile waste my eyes were opened. I realized that this is a wicked problem because there is no end in sight. Most people do not know that most of earth’s waste comes from the fashion industry. I also learned that there is only a small group of people who are trying to reduce textile fabric. This made me want to choose this topic for my investigative report. 

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