How Can We Solve A Problem With No Solution?

The market reading began by saying that “air pollution does not respect international boundaries.”  That statement caught me off guard because it really is something that people do not think about.  Certain countries are far ahead of others in their sustainability laws and habits, with some not even knowing the first thing to do about it.  That statement, though, very plainly states that every country is suffering from the same general problems, and we should all be working together to fix it.  One of the greatest causes of waste and pollution worldwide is construction, and fortunately, businesses are beginning to see that.  Many countries are now following the certification standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design campaign, spreading the same qualifications to build green.

The Wicked Problems website describes each phase of diagnosing a wicked problem and the stages of designing things to stop them.  There are specific ways to entertain an audience with ideas of sustainability and build interest and empathy to make people comfortable with the idea.  One company that caught my attention for its sustainability efforts is Adidas.  They are one of the most popular athletic brands in the world with a huge consumer body.  A few years ago, Adidas began their campaign to end plastic waste, and have announced that with their innovations they will completely stop using virgin polyester by 2024.  With their eco-friendly partnerships, they have made it their focus to change the way industries view sustainability as a whole.

I feel that it is most important to being attention to the landfill space that our planet is running out of and the pollution all the waste is causing because people will likely be more inclined to make a difference in their daily habits if they are aware.  Consumers also need to realize that while building sustainably and producing renewable energy sources does cost more upfront, it saves money in the future due to the lack of utility expenses.  Another important factor in eliminating waste is developing ways to reduce dangerous emissions when burning trash so that we will be able to get rid of it permanently and safely.  In general, people simply becoming aware of using nonrenewable sources and putting more emphasis on recycling could make a significant difference in the amount of trash in the environment and pollution in the air.

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