Attaining A Sustainable World

For my investigative report, I am attempting to address the problem of construction waste. More that 27 tonnes of construction waste were generated in 2007. Each year since, that number has increased. Construction waste has the possibility to harm the environment in which we live as well as our health if we keep letting the problem get worse. A big way to alleviate this problem is to practice green construction habits. Another way to alleviate the problem is by using current state analysis. By doing this, one would think through the steps of current state and be forced to examine the effects that their decisions could have on the environment. 

Although the Green Construction article doesn’t address construction waste specifically, it offers statistics and other important topics for green construction. According to the reading, buildings account for 30% of waste output and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is this problem polluting the earth with trash, but it is also polluting the air we breathe. The article also stressed the importance of Green building. This is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a building’s life from design to destruction. People believe that through green building, we can help end climate change. Not only would green building save the earth from the dangers of climate change, but it would also save people money. By increasing energy efficiency and water conservation efforts, utility bills would lower. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

The wicked problems website is very informative. It gives an explanation as to what makes a problem wicked and helped me understand how designers have a big role in reducing the effects of these problems. While exploring the website, I came across a section titled Understanding Social Entrepreneurship. I had never heard of a social entrepreneur, so I read deeper. Social entrepreneur is one that notices pressing problems such as any quality or sustainability and tries to solve them. One company that practices social entrepreneurship is Lush Cosmetics. Lush is quite known for selling fresh, handmade products that smell amazing. The company is also known for their “naked packaging” meaning their soap and bath bombs aren’t packaged in wasteful plastic. Lush has created ways to donate money to charities around the world. One of these ways is through a lotion they created called Charity Pot. When someone buys this product, every last cent is given to a humanitarian or environmental cause. This lotion has helped to donate more than $33 million dollars to charities.

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