Consciously Shopping

One thing that I have taken away from every reading, video or activity we have done in this class is that sustainability is expensive. If one is struggling to get by, sustainability might not be their top priority. Unfortunately, more sustainable choices whether it be in food, clothing, transportation etc., is probably more costly than the more environmentally harmful and convenient option. I hope that one day being sustainable can be affordable for all.

For my investigative report I am focusing on fast fashion. Fast fashion is a wicked problem because it affects multiple different groups of people in many different ways. Not only is there immense environmental damage done by fast fashion, there are a lot of ethical issues with it as well. Despite all of these issues, it remains popular due to its affordable price and ability to remain trendy. It is wicked because at this point it would be nearly impossible to completely erase fast fashion from society today on a global scale. I think one way to help alleviate this problem is to educate and bring awareness to fast fashion. If buyers are more conscious of the companies they are supporting, hopefully that will cause them to choose a more sustainable and ethically acceptable option. A company that prioritizes ethics and doing good for the world is Cotopaxi. Cotopaxi is known for their unique and uncommon designs in backpacks and other outdoor gear. In particular they are known for each item being made out of recycled material and one of a kind merchandise. The employees in their factories hand design each individual backpack out of recycled scraps. Not only do they make their products with a focus on sustainability, they donate 1% of their yearly revenues to their foundation, which writes numerous grants to nonprofits each year. Cotopaxi is an outstanding example of what it looks like to be environmentally and ethically focussed in a business. If more businesses prioritize being sustainable and treat everyone with respect, I believe it would make a huge difference.


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