Let’s Make Things Sustainable

The readings for this class are very interesting, talking about sustainability and how we can make the world a better place to live. After reading the Market Work Better Than Government at Transitioning to Sustainability? Yes section I thought all the points made were interesting. In this reading they talked about how countries don’t want to raise the cost of energy because there is a risk it will jeopardies the economy. The article also talked about pros and cons of trade. This article was explaining ways that we can better our world and how the government can help transition into a more sustainable society. 

After doing research about my wicked problem, fast fashion. I found it interesting what I found on the websites however I also found it interesting what I couldn’t find. I found a lot of information about what fast fashion is and how there are many definitions and solutions. However, I was planning on putting more data in my paper explaining the growth of fast fashion over the years and I couldn’t find much data. That made it frustrating because I couldn’t add in data because I don’t know specific numbers and I couldn’t site anything. 

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