Live Green

I think it is crazy that we are still not taking big enough steps to help with global warming and people do not see the serious issue to help or some people still believe global warming is not a thing.  In the marketing reading it states that the planet is indeed warming and since the 1970s the planet has been getting warmer and warmer over each decade. I believe that when anything comes to help save the planet it will be costly. In the reading it stated that in order to fix problems it would be difficult and expensive. Same with being sustainable. Sustainability is costly and for people that have low incomes it is very difficult to achieve. Having clothes, food, transportation and amongst other things I take advantage of when I know I have it better than others and I could be living a more sustainable life. Although it is very hard when you have not grown up living in that lifestyle, I mean it is so easy to get on my phone and order anything I wanted off of the internet while not thinking of the consequences I am putting on the environment. 

The wicked problem website gave me a better understanding of all the different types of wicked problems there are out in the world and even the cities that we live in. “the problems—poverty, sustainability, equality, and health and wellness—that plague our cities and our world and that touch each and every one of us.” We know, go to school, work and are friends with people that are in these problems that have no solution. 

A social entrepreneurship I found is called Live Green based from Sweden. They have built a community of environmentally committed enthusiasts. They put on 5 green music festivals and fashion shows. They focus on educating young leaders into making an impact on the environment while also creating a social impact. 


About heybettywhite

I am a student at the University of Oklahoma State looking forward to learning more about what these younger kids are calling "Wicked Problems."
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