Not a Friend

               “A wicked problem is a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve … these are the problems—poverty, sustainability, equality, and health and wellness—that plague our cities and our world and that touch each and every one of us,” – Wicked Problems

Wicked problems website’s statement shows me we have a scary predicament at hand. Along my journey of discovering the importance of being more mindful and sustainable, I noticed that our government does not participate. This past week in the article we read for class, it shared just how little the government lends a hand to the sustainable efforts in the United States government. One significant thing stated in the article is the fact that buildings are around 2% more expensive than traditional housing, making it less appealing and less common to invest. However, the other paragraph in the article begins the discussion off about if government should be involved in the climate change or not.

Right now, there are many solutions to slow down the problem of climate change, however few are being put into action by the government. Some future scenario’s described are the reduction of plastic and the stop to emitting CO2 as frequently into the air. The results to alleviate the wick problem will be unknown for quite a while, maybe not even in our lifetime. However, it does not hurt to stick with solution while discovering other solutions. Just because it might not work right away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start it. A good example is the company Pela. Pela is an iphone/electronics accessory company that focuses on biodegradable products. We do know biodegradable products are helpful towards reducing emissions, but we don’t know the long-term effects of the process it takes to make the product. Pela, however, is taking a chance. These ideas and concepts are a large reason why my small steps to a more sustainable life are becoming more evident.

               In my investigative report I intend to explore the problem of mass-produced neighborhoods. As a person passionate about architecture, restoring buildings, and keeping things practical, these neighborhoods are not my friends. However, they are far from friends with our environment as well. My proposed solution to help alleviate the problem is green, quality, long lasting communities. This means instead of a large number of cheap houses being built all at once, there would be a neighborhood with predetermined houses that are to be built to order. This means not only would the house only come at the request of a client, but it will also be forced to be built around the landscape, reducing land destruction. In addition, to make it more affordable, there will be plans pre-made and designed to choose from. Similar to a design-build firm.

All in all, the government is not our friend if it is not aware of the social needs and the earthly needs that this planet calls out for. The mass produced neighborhoods are not our friend, because they are contributing to the climate change in large portions. Lastly, the planet and our communities are our friends, which was the very thing that led me to the realization of the importance of regulating energy on our planet.

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