Saving Our World One Blog Post at a Time

Over the past few weeks each reading has been different, but they all have something in common…our world is falling apart. Global warming is taking over our world and as a country we need to come together to help fix it. Each reading has helped me better understand how much global warming is changing our world, it also has taught me all the things causing global warming. One example is textile waste. For my wicked problem I chose to do textile waste because it is something that interest me. One company that I love is Madewell. A few years ago, they launched a campaign to help reduce textile waste. They turn old jeans into housing insolation. You can bring any brand of old jeans into a Madewell store and they will give you $20 off your next Madewell pair. I love this idea because it is so creative and a great way to recycle textile fabric into something useful that is a need. This wicked problem has been very interesting to research about because it is something most people do not even know about. When people think of global warming they think of trash and never think about textiles and where old clothes go. I love shopping and after researching this topic I have decided to pay more attention to how much I am buying and if it is a need over a want. Textile waste does not have an end in sight which makes it wicked. There are multiple “solutions” to help reduce it but not one answer to get rid of it. Most people do not know about the ways to reduce textile waste which is why I think it is important to educate people about it therefore they will better understand how it is causing global warming. According to ” not all hard-to-solve problems are wicked, only those with an indeterminate scope and scale.” Most wicked problems are linked together for example poverty is linked to nutrition and also linked to education. A wicked problem causes other problems in the world, according to the website from class. Overall this class has continued to look at things from a sustainability viewpoint which has changed my thinking on events and topics. Global warming is continuing to ruin our world and we have the power to change that.

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