Sustainability But Behind The Scenes

This past week, our class took a trip to the sustainability office. I grasp a greater knowledge on what really happens when you throw away your trash, said once before “nothing truly gets thrown away”. However, what I learned through this visit, I will take with me forever. I really love how in the shops they recycle/ redo the furniture. It made me think of how I could incorporate this idea into my life. Since furniture is hard to recycle, if I ever have a piece of furniture I don’t want I could always find a way to make it new before getting rid of it. Continuing on with that idea, I learned a lot throughout the visit of how sustainable OSU is. I never realized how much effort is put in to continue to be a green school. For instance, with transportation, the bus is compressed of natural gas, as well as 75% of the campus electricity is wind power and I loved the idea of catching rainfall and reusing it to water the flowers. What really stood out to me in the upholstery shop was that many of the furniture around campus was reused from 1911. This really stuck with me and the idea that everything can be reused and made new. As well as at the recycling center, the amount of work and the team that is behind making this campus and world a better place is phenomenal. I loved seeing what happens after you throw paper or cardboard boxes away, the process behind it truly opened my eyes.  

Through this whole tour I kept relating what they were teaching us to what I do during my daily life. I realized how much effort goes into making sure that the trash is separated right or the process of reusing the furniture before throwing it away. I realized that being in college it’s ultimately harder to recycle than compared to being home. After visiting the sustainability office, I’ve realized how much easier and better our would be if we just do the simple task of recycling no matter what. I now need to start implementing this into my everyday task instead of just sometimes doing it when I walk by a recycling bin. As well as using gas, I try my hardest to walk places instead of driving, if it’s pretty close from where I’m at. I know this doesn’t have the greatest impact on the earth, but every little thing helps to make this earth as beautiful as we can. We truly need to focus on the actions we are taking in our daily lives and on what we do with our waste, because the ability is there to reduce, to reuse or to recycle. We all need to make the effort to do what is right for this planet and the future of our planet. It all starts with just a single step to a new world. My question I want us to think about is, picture the world 20 years from now, if we don’t put in the effort now how might our world look then? What can we do to change that?

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