Sustainability is for Everyone!

Wow!  What an experience it was to visit the sustainability office as well as the recycling plant here at Oklahoma State University!  Before the field trip, I was oblivious that our campus was doing so much in efforts to be sustainable.  I learned many new things on the field trip, from how Burns Hargis is all for sustainability at OSU to how they repurpose furniture at the Student Union.  I was extremely pleased to learn both of those things and it honestly made me happy to learn that I attend a school where sustainability is important.  After seeing all these efforts, I realize how much waste and trash that would be created if we did not have facilities such as these.  I believe it is important to recycle, given that throwing something away, does not truly mean throwing it away.  It must go somewhere, so why not go to the appropriate place?  After visiting these places, I will now make a true effort in my life to put waste where it belongs.  Now that I can see that OSU is doing what it takes to be sustainable, I will try my hardest to contribute as well.  For example, I drink quite a bit of water and I will start recycling and reusing water bottles.   

My question for the class is: “how have your daily habits changed since you began this class, in terms of being more sustainable?”  

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