The difference WE make

I recently got the pleasure of touring OSU’s facilities for sustainability and gained a new level of respect for the efforts our school makes for a better future. Our guide explained that the fundamentals of being sustainable is not a problem that can be solved but an effort made in the present to preserve the earth’s natural “income”  for the future and not overusing it as capital. Our group first toured the upholstery department which is one facet that contributes to this thought. Osu is huge in recycling many furniture pieces on campus have remained with keep up for an average of 30 years. Efforts are also made in almost every other department. I was astounded to learn that 70% of OSU’s electricity is generated by wind power as well as green centered dining options. Upon visiting the off-campus compost and recycling center I learned that our school turns 100 tons of waste into compost. I couldn’t imagine every ton of cardboard that wouldn’t be recycled going to a landfill if OSU didn’t make these efforts.

Going forward I can incorporate a multitude of the things I learned in my visit to become more sustainable. Recycling is present in every class building as well as in living situations. Learning to reuse or donate supplies helps create a circular life for objects. And flipping the light off is the way to go if you leave for more than 23 seconds. If I could question the class I might ask what sustainable fashion means to them.


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