What will your sustainability journey look like after this course?

Sustainability. Something that has begun to have more importance in my life since taking this wicked problems course. To go to the Sustainability office visit was so interesting and helped me see how Oklahoma State has weaved sustainability into their campus. They showed us how they did this through the university’s furniture and where exactly all of our trash goes and how they dispose of it. For the furniture, they actually just take apart the couch or chair and replace whatever needs to be replaced, or just change out of the fabric and it looks brand new. They were also explaining that they still replace some of the furniture from the 1920’s! Wow! Talk about sustainability! 

When we throw away our trash in the trash cans around campus that say “bottles only”, all of that trash, paper, and recyclable products go to them. After we were done at the actual sustainability office, they took us to the recycling center and I’ve got to say, it was kind of cool to see how they compact the trash and the paper. After that, they have people come out to the recycling center and actually buy the compacts! I would never think to buy compacts but it probably helps with other peoples companies and corporations.

Something that I learned today that I will put into my career is to take what you have, and make the best use out of it for as long as you can until you absolutely need to upgrade. I saw this through the couches and furniture that was being repaired on and how they were fixing furniture from the 1920’s. That’s 100 years of service from that couch! Who knows how many more years it has! 

This field trip reminded me of how cautious I need to be with recycling. I have a hard time recycling because it means one more trash can in my dorm. Although it isn’t the most convenient, I know it will help the environment around me.

My question for the class is:

“How will you continue to expand your sustainability journey once we’ve finished this course?”

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