WOW! What a visit!

I really enjoyed the sustainability visit. I thought that it was very insightful. Knowing what our campus does to recycle goods and furniture was really interesting. I think it’s good that we recycle plastic, cardboard, paper, and furniture. Knowing that out campus recycles I can help and take part in those actions. I can also help recycle. If our campus didn’t recycle we would waste a lot of goods and we would have to spend a lot more to keep up with our campus. We would have to buy furniture when something would break or wear down instead of just fixing and reupholstering the item. We would also spend a lot more if we didn’t conserve energy and recycle goods. I can help conserve energy by turning off my lights and turning off my computer when I’m not using it. I didn’t realize how much energy it would save by just doing simple tasks like turning off the lights.

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