YAY for Sustainability

     Before taking this class, I had no idea what sustainability was or how much of an effect it had at OSU. Knowing now what it is and seeing how OSU is implementing it around campus is incredible. Learning all the benefits of being sustainable is eye opening. To know that there are environmental, economic and social benefits to being sustainable is pretty cool. I learned many things during this visit like how Burns Hargis is pushing everyone to be more sustainable and that there are 200 courses that focus on this subject. When taking this trip afterwards I told my friends some of the things that I learned, and they also had no idea of what went into everything. Like how transportation is compressed of natural gases and the dining services have local, organic foods and are practicing ways to be environmentally friendly with the products they use. I thought it was mind blowing how the campus saved over $50 million from turning off lights and equipment that weren’t being used. I also think that it is amazing how the student union garden using rainwater and that sometimes instead of using harsh chemicals to get rid of weeds they bring in lady bugs which is awesome.  

            I knew a lot of things went on behind the sense but to see them in action was a great experience. To know that the upholstery shop is still working on pieces from 1920 is crazy in my mind how the piece of furniture is still in good condition. I have always recycled my bottles and to see where they go and the process of everything was fascinating. I also did not know that OSU had their own composting cite which was interesting to learn. With going to the sustainability office, it made me rethink my choices of how I throw things away and how I can recycle more things in the future when I spend my time away from OSU. If OSU did not have any of these projects, we would be just like any other person not supporting the environment or not knowing how to help. After talking to my friends from different colleges they said they didn’t have near as many sustainable projects around there campus which I felt proud that OSU did and is educating students to be better for years to come.  


About heybettywhite

I am a student at the University of Oklahoma State looking forward to learning more about what these younger kids are calling "Wicked Problems."
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