Appreciation for a Green Campus

The efforts to reach sustainable living are extensive and complex, showing just how far modern society has strayed from living in harmony with nature. I got to witness this when the class took the trip to the sustainability office. The first thing that stood out to me was when it was said that sustainability was most focused on protecting the environment and nature’s systems. I knew that this was a part of it, but I assumed the main focus was on maintaining a way of life that prevents further damage rather than protecting. I was then able to get a better understanding of just how important it is that we make the efforts to be sustainable and given a few examples of how that is possible from OSU’s campus.

One of the things that stood out to me the most from this trip was discovering that some of the furniture from the beginning of Oklahoma State University is still being used. I did not realize that items could be cared for in such a way that makes them last that long. This got me thinking about exactly how many items I may be using besides furniture that can be cared for in the same way. Items such as my clothes and old decorations can be taken apart or repaired or even altered in ways I never imagined. This is something I will keep in mind now and in the future whenever I have my own furniture and utilities to take care of. I will now start to think about alternative solutions to items I feel I no longer need rather than just disposing of them.

In the end, the most mind blowing realization to me is that we once utilized no methods of sustainability. As I near the end of my journey in Wicked Problems, I have gained a new knowledge regarding the severity of climate change and I can no longer imagine a world in which we ignore this massive issue. The immense amount of paper and water bottles that would be piling up in landfills had it not been for sustainability efforts at OSU is terrible to even think about. I have gained a new appreciation for the sustainability efforts found at Oklahoma State and I will use mindfulness and make sure that I am taking the necessary measures to reduce my carbon footprint.

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