Go Green

During the presentation I learned more about sustainability and little things I can do everyday to help save things like energy. For example, simply turning off the lights when you leave a room can save more energy than you think. Something that was also interesting to me was finding out that the water bottle refill stations seen on campus were originally designed by a student, and are now seen in almost every building you go to on campus. It’s just another reminder that a simple idea can turn into something great and can also in return help save our globe at the same time. I also got to learn about the things OSU does behind the scenes to be more sustainable which was also very exciting.

The upholstery shop was really interesting because we got to see the actual place where furniture and other interior items are fixed. One thing that they stressed about was the ages of the chairs and couches that are in the dorms and the student union. They talked about how old those pieces were and how they still are in great condition to this day, because they have been sustainable in keeping up with them. They said that some things may be more pricey up front, but you have to think of the quality and longevity of the item because this is what helps us to be sustainable. For example, the sewing and cushion presser machines in the shop were both very old, but they are more sustainable because they were good quality and are still running today. It was really cool to see the size of the recycling center, and then hearing the instructor say that it was usually filled to the top with cardboard. It gave perspective to see how much stuff, like cardboard, goes wasted everyday and how important it is to recycle. What also stood out to me was seeing the processing of  cardboard and paper and how they are pressed into bales. I never realized how much stuff it took to make one bail, how long the process is, and how heavy the bails are. I also didn’t know that the bails were sold to the highest bidder after they were processed which I think was really cool. The composting area was also interesting to see and to learn about what goes into the compost process. I learned that making compost was made with greens and horse manure to make a good compost. I think it’s cool that OSU and the surrounding farmers work together to make all of this happen. I also learned that farmers come to OSU to get left over food like vegetables and fruits and use it for their compost, and the farmers give OSU manure to also make compost.  

After all the things I have learned and taken away from this visit, I will definitely start to make use of all of the extra food, like vegetables and fruits, to help make compost when I go home for the summer. My family always starts a garden during spring time, and if I started to collect and reuse the food that we eat to make garden compost, we could save a lot of money and time that way. I also want to start to recycle plastic bottles, cardboard and paper in my dorm and at home because I now have seen the importance and the process that goes into it and I think it will be a good step in saving our globe. Learning about conserving energy and doing the little things to help our globe, I started to think about the things I do today that help contribute to that. First off, I am not very big on having lights on anyway because they are harsh and give me headaches, but everytime I do see a light on or know I could function without one on, I almost always turn it off. Same thing goes with running water. When brushing my teeth I know a lot of people leave the water running while doing this, but I always remind people to turn theres off and my own to help conserve water. My family also contributed to conserving energy when building our house by putting in many windows so our house is lit with natural light. By doing this we have saved a lot of money on electricity.

Thinking about if these practices, like recycling didn’t exist, we would be destroying all our natural habitats. By failing to rescue what we already have we will end up in a sticky situation and running out of resources. We would be up to our ears in garbage. Once you throw something away it has to go somewhere. If it weren’t for recycling our world would be a huge garbage can. My question is, what is stopping you from taking steps to being more sustainable? If you know the outcome of not being sustainable, why wouldn’t you start taking steps to being more sustainability now?

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