OSU is Turning Green

Recently I visited and toured the OSU facilities office, which helped me have a better understanding of sustainability. The visit opened my eyes to a lot of new things that I did not even know about. For example, at The Ranchers Club there is a garden outside, and the chef uses the vegetables from it. They also buy produce from local places because that means plans do not have to fly to deliver it. There are so many small details that go into being sustainable. OSU puts in a lot of effort to be a sustainable campus, 70% of the electricity is produced by windfarms which is a huge amount. They mentioned that turning off your lights when you leave saves a huge amount of energy and my new goal is to turn the lights off in my dorm when I leave. They focus on the little details that no one notices, and I gained a new perceptive of OSU and the campus. The OSU facilities is like a hidden gem that no one knows about, but I really enjoyed the visit and learned a lot. While in the upholstery shop, they talked about the quality of their sewing machines and furniture. They emphasized that it is better to spend more on a sewing machine because it will last longer and not go to waste, they also said the same thing about furniture. Some furniture pieces in The Student Union are from the 1920s. This opened my eyes and I connected to it because I realized that in the future, I should not focus on the price of the sewing machine but instead the life of the sewing machine. The recycling center also opened my eyes. I have never been to a recycling center and have never seen the process of recycling. I really like that OSU puts in so much effort to be a more sustainable campus and make it one of its top goals. After this experience my question is, “What are new ideas or recommendations you can give the OSU facilities office to become a greener campus?”

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