The Office

The visit to the sustainability office was very useful, in the fact that it is one of the many types of places I can use my degree for after I graduate. It gave me a view of how sustainable interior design can be. I was completely unaware of how much details they attended to around campus, down to repairing and reupholstering furniture. I think this is also something I can take away as well. Instead of throwing out broken or ripped up furniture, I kind of went into the visit thinking that we were mainly going to learn about where the items we put in the recycle bins go. I learned not only do the facility management save the university money, they are also sustainable in their efforts. They are also sustainable in other areas I did not think of. I was baffled learning that 40% of the food served on campus is locally sourced as well. If these efforts did not exist, I feel like school would be way more expensive than it is now. I think the question I would like to pose to the class is how might you be sustainable about the items you already own within your home?

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