The Sustainability Office Visit: What We Should All Take Away

I learned so much valuable information at the sustainability office visit and how I can apply to my life. I learned that sustainability is providing needs for today without jeopardizing future generations. We talked about the three pillars that include people, planet, and profit. It more about conserving than “saving”. We probably can’t save the earth, but we can conserve resources to help it thrive. I wasn’t aware of all the amazing things Oklahoma State has been doing to help with sustainability. They have over 200 class courses that teach or research about these issues and how we can help as a society. OSU also is a Tree Campus USA, that means we have to plant certain species of trees and we can’t spray chemicals. They use drip irrigation to not overuse water and they compost their landscape waste to be used for nourishment in other areas and to continue the good cycle. The buses at OSU run on a natural kind of gas instead of the regular diesel that pollutes so much. In the upholstery shop, I saw how they continue to fix up old pieces of furniture instead of throwing them and buying new ones. In the recycling center I observed how the process works and that we should be conscientious about what we put in our recycling bins so the people on the other side don’t have to sort through as much junk. The composting area was cool to see because they take from 700 acres and all you need is soil and greens to make it. Anyone can do this at their home or garden. If no one was doing anything about these issues of waste and pollution, our earth would be on a much faster decline. Even though some parts are still struggling it is good there are people in charge, like at the Sustainability Office at OSU that genuinely want to make a difference.

I want to do something myself that will help the environment. I want to make my own compost pile at home and I want to do more research on ways to keep the earth cleaner. I will choose to walk instead of always driving, I will recycle, and I will use cup and food products that I don’t throw away after every use. I plan to tell my peers about what I learned and how we can all work together to make little changes in our everyday lives. Instead of getting coffee at Starbucks and using plastic cups I will make coffee at home with a reusable mug. Little changes can make the biggest difference. One question I have for the class is what changes will you make going forward? And what can you do to get involved or to educate others? I believe we can make a big change within society if we really try.

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