A Broken Puzzle

For the past two weeks, I have learned a lot about the issues within our society, economy, and environment in my Wicked Problems course. With the knowledge I have been given, I have concluded that these issues stem from a lack of convergence amongst people and the ongoing practice of greed. During my first week of Wicked Problems, I watched a film called the 11th hour in which gave information on the realization of the world; covering societal, economical, and environmental issues. Through the film, a key concept that I took away was that division is destruction. Taking the time to focus on the beginning piece of the film (environmental issues); it honed on the fact that at the beginning of time, people were one with nature. They valued, nurtured, and depending on nature as a necessity to survive life. Over time people started to divide themselves from nature; looking at it as more of a resource and less as a foundation of sustainability. This is when issues arose because division start to begin in other areas of life; people, places, and items. As this division continued and connections started to be broken, many became very individualistic. This contributes to the next key concept I have taken away which is that greed is not optimal. This concept came from the fact that after people divided, many sought ideas and goals that could have a great impact on oneself, but a terrible impact on everybody else. To clarify that further, in my second week of Wicked Problems I read about Easter Island and how they formed, along with how they declined. In sum, their situation was that the Polynesians settled on the Island as one community. Over time they started reeling in resources and growing as an economy. Unfortunately, it started to decline when they established to make clans; dividing themselves and resources. Clans started to battle for imperialism and sacrificed resources in the process (based on their reasons; greed). This concluded their downfall as an economy and resulted in many deaths, and unhuman activities (cannibalism). After reading I discussed my ideology about the key concepts/ takeaways I have gained from both the movie and the book with my peers. Through our discussion, we talk about the repetition that occurred in both the movie and the book (division, greed), and I contributed the knowledge on the fact that to this day we are still practicing these negative traits whether it’s in school, jobs, or families. These concepts can be involved in any situation, and without proper acknowledgment of these issues’ downfalls can occur. In conclusion, my team and I agreed that division and greed amongst each other are now considered inevitable because we are so far apart that we wouldn’t know how to put ourselves back together. History shows us how the downfall of many economies is based on those two concepts, yet we (generally speaking) have not learned from past mistakes and tried to do better. If anything, we are now raised as individuals seeking individualistic goals and never counting those around us, but dividing from them.

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