In the most recent class assignment and discussion, we were to read an article about the collapse of Easter Island and answer questions about the reading and how it related to the movie The 11th Hour. During our discussion, we were asked 2 questions: Was the collapse of Easter Island inevitable and what are some challenges that we face today that are the same or different as/from the Easter Islanders? We were split into groups of four and prompted to answer these questions. One of my groupmates made a good point on the first question and he said it wasn’t inevitable because the islanders were not rationed with what resources they used when and they didn’t understand many basic needs of living that we do today. Though his point did make sense, I had to question it. What I put out into the discussion was this: The collapse was inevitable. At the rate that the people were using their resources, they were bound to run out before the next ship of goods arrived. Shipments weren’t like they are today. Back then, it wasn’t possible to get everyday goods flown to the island in a span of a day. It was the islanders fault for using their resources too fast, but at the same time, it wasn’t because they never knew when the ship would return. Our time was cut short in our groups and I wish we could have discussed our views more. Nobody is actually certain about the Easter Island civilization so it is very interesting to listen to what others think about it. Many people believe in alien features used to erect the statues. Many believe that the people that lived there were magical. 

I think it is very interesting to compare ourselves to the ways of people years ago and see that in some cases, things are still the same. In class we talked a lot about how the problem of deforestation  really hasn’t changed throughout the years. Though most of the time, it is a natural process. Humans in general try to contain the fires which make it even worse. We need to stop trying to contain the circle of nature and just let whatever happens, run its course. Most of the time, the reason for forest fires are because all of the smoke and ashes from the original fire are kept and contained in one place, creating another natural element for more damage. As seen many times in nature and history of the human race, keeping something contained does not ever seem to make the situation better.

I think the biggest thing that wasn’t exactly said that I thought about was that I need to not contain myself into a small bubble. I like to think that I am a very social person and am as outgoing as it gets but so far, I have really kept myself to the bubble of my sorority, ROTC and my roommates. Now that it has really been called to my attention and been brought into my light, I am going to try my best to make more friends and maybe join a few more things. The only thing keeping me away is that I don’t want to get too crazy stressed and my schedule be filled up with so much. Hopefully I can figure it out and get it together.

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