An outside opinion on the course topics of week two:Easter island

In regards to what I contributed to the course learning experience over the Easter island reading was minimal to none to complications accessing the class zoom meeting. To make up for the lack of being in the class I went through all the jam boards and slides to cover all the material that I had access to. During the first week though I did gain quite a bit of knowledge on some current world problems via global warming through the movie the 11th hour, in class I went over deforestation in our group as a factor to how we are ruining the worlds land. I think in the second week meeting what I would have contributed would have been about the state of the resources that were natural to the island and how religion was a great downfall to their society and how it is a main factor in the collapse. In the jam boards I saw a couple people mention resources but they focused on resources that they had mostly trees, but for food the island should not have been inhabited due to the lack of naturally occurring resources for them to consume or should have been abandoned after they were able to only produce limited crops. Religion was one of the main factors that caused the society to decimate the island, it was mostly in the meeting brought up as deforestation, but the cause of them chopping down all the trees they did was transport and erect statues to deify their chiefs and clans compared to the other clans on the island. This stemmed from them having more time for religious ceremonies and splitting into different clans and chiefs that headed those religious ceremonies for the clans and that could have been caused by split slight differences in the belief system. And in the process caused horrid soil erosion on the island leading to problems in crop harvest which as we know lead them to inhumane practices. I saw that on a consensus agreed that Easter Island was an inevitable collapse and I agree the lack of natural resources and the type of soil that was on the island would have made it hard to sustain human life and greed on, I believe it could flourish as an island for flora and fauna but even then the species that thrived there would need to meet the specific conditions.

               My takeaways from the recent topics in the course are that we seem to be on a similar path that the Easter islanders but can fix what we have done if we start acting immediately and develop a full awareness of the damage we are causing and get people to me concerned about those around them. That we as a modern civilization have different problems that are on top of some of the resource problems that they dealt with, and that things like gas emissions and waste production that we have are worse for the whole world than a specific area of land so we are looking at a bigger problem than just war and starvation. It also makes me believe more that just because humans believe they are top of the food chain does not mean everything is for them to claim and own, that some things are meant to be unexplored and left alone to thrive and live.

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