Anxiety Who?

In regards to what I’ve contributed to the course learning experience over the Easter Island reading was very little. For me, I’m a very shy person so starting a conversation with people I know little to nothing about is very difficult. However, being a shy person with high anxiety I believe I did well at starting some conversations by introducing myself to get the awkward part out of the way. Another thing I did to spark the conversation from awkward to interesting was just simply asking my peers in my breakout room how they felt about the Easter Island reading or about the provided questions given in the Jam Board. But, very quickly I realized that this is an awkward setting for everyone and I’m not the only one that feels so anxious to talk to total strangers. Personally, for me, I find it very difficult to decide when or when not to speak up in an ongoing conversation. I try to present myself as an easygoing and calm person while in the breakout room as best as I can so everyone can feel more comfortable. I think stating your opinion is very important although it’s the obvious thing to do, it encourages others to either agree or disagree and continue to state their opinion. Although, in the groups I’ve been in everyone has agreed so I have yet to have others disagree. Even though my group agreed on everything in regards to Easter Island we all brought different ideas and contributed equally. As for what I feel we should have gone into further discussion is what happened after the cannibalism took place. I think that topic was just brushed over as if they didn’t want to mention it but just threw it in there. 

As for my takeaways, I already knew mostly everything that was talked about in the movie The 11th Hour. Although, I knew most of those things were going on in the world but I didn’t quite understand the extent of how bad those problems were. In regards to Easter Island I personally have heard about it but never sat down and read and learned everything about the problems that happened there. I learned a lot from the Easter Island learning experience. It was very interesting to see what happened and how extreme the conditions were. I do believe that them losing all their resources was inevitable. But what stuck with me is that I feel as they were losing the resources, that they weren’t trying to prevent it from going further or that nobody cared about the deduction of resources. The islanders had a small minority that did care to stop the overuse of resources. In relation to our world, there is only a small minority of people that care to help out with our wicked problems. Personally, for me, I feel as a person in our community I need to work on being a part of the minorities and making it a majority. I care about my community but I believe that I could always do more in bettering our wonderful community.

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