Could The Events at Easter Island Show Our Future Demise

This week’s topic led to a lot of discussion with my group. Our views on if the collapse of Easter Island were inevitable or not, created a division between the two viewpoints. Some were even on the fence and could see both sides. I took this as an opportunity to state my case. There were many things that could go wrong when living on an island especially when you don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t prepared. While reading the article I kept thinking about how inexperienced the people of Easter Island were. We briefly touched on this, but I wish I could’ve talked more about how important education is. Today we have learned and can keep learning from the mistakes of our ancestors. This makes me think that maybe the events that happened on Easter Island is foreshadowing our future as a planet. For one, overpopulation is a big issue. It was then and it is now. The film “The 11th Hour” covered this topic and made it known that it is a serious issue. The resources on Earth are finite and with a growth in population creates a need for more resources. Resources that we are using too much of too fast. We saw how this went down with the people on Easter Island. They used all of their resources too quickly, especially their trees. Deforestation is a big concern now more than ever. They cut down trees and used it for boats, houses, and used the cleared space for agriculture. Now we cut down trees to build almost everything and use the space for more buildings. Not to mention that the more trees we cut down the less oxygen is produced. That’s not good, especially with our growing population. The more people we have on Earth the more oxygen we need. It also doesn’t help that our atmosphere is polluted with chemicals and toxins that are harmful to us. In addition to all the problems on Easter Island, there wasn’t much biodiversity on the island and today it is declining fast. Biodiversity is so important to the survival of mankind, because we need a functioning ecosystem to live off of. We know that the Earth can survive anything that life throws at it, but we also know that humans can’t. Ultimately, we are killing our future generations. 

This topic has had me thinking all week about how we are killing our planet and how we’re too greedy and careless to even want to change anything. Everything we do on this Earth will affect us in some way. We as humans have to make quick decisions during hard times and sometimes those decisions bite us in the butt, but sometimes they won’t. We need to try to consider all possible outcomes before we make a final decision on something. We need to stop doing what is easy, because most of the time the easier option hurts our planet more. In the long run it will hurt us too, in fact it already is. We see that everyday and don’t even notice it because it seems so normal now. Children everywhere are struggling with different illnesses that weren’t as common years ago. We see that now there are more kids with asthma than there used to be because of the increasing pollution and climate change. Even the number of cancer patients that are children have risen. Research has said that the exposure to pesticides and chemicals have increased the risk for Leukemia. We need to do something about this now because we’re already seeing so much damage to the human population and Earth caused by our actions.

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