Do We Really Repeat History?

Easter island was considered a mystery for the longest time. The people who came from such a technologically advanced system fended up resorting to cannibalism. Today, we live in such an advanced society, much like the one of Easter Island. What I mean by “ do we really repeat history” is will our society collapse much like the easter Islanders did? I don’t know the answer to that question because so many variables play into our society. However, we do face many factors, much like the easter islanders, that could potentially lead us down the wrong path. The islanders fell victim to participating in deforestation, and what came with it. Lack of nutrient soil and crops, and uninhabitable earth to build shelter were all what came after the islanders harvested all of the trees. They used lumber to build homes, for canoes and boats, and to transport their statues and carving throughout the island. Though we are facing issues with deforestation, our reasoning behind it is  less for religious purposes, but more for industrialization and building. Unlike the easter islanders, we have a much larger area to harvest resources, unlike the small island of the coast of chile. The reasoning behind why so many trees were cut down was to aid movement of the huge statues the islanders made. The statues held status in the community and as time progressed, more and more statues were being built and it became a competition to see who could make the most. More trees were cut down and eventually no more trees were left or could be planted. The soil lacked nutrients to hold crops or anything. Around the world, there are so many different environments that provide multiple types of soil. Unlike the islanders we won’t be stuck to one type. It gives us the opportunity to plant more after things have been taken. I do believe that we need to stop harming our environment. Much like the Islanders we most likely will not see our societal collapse coming unless we start preventing it now. The islanders did not face obstacles of global warming, yet we do. It’s an issue that could lead to why our society falls. As humans, we think we have the natural right to take anything on our planet without any consequences, but what we don’t see is how we affect our environment doing so. The way we treat our planet will eventually lead to something much larger than non-nutrient soil, or overfishing. We will face the same demise as the Easter Islanders if we do not preserve our resources and stop deforestation. If such a thing as deforestation can cause such a developed society like Easter Island to fall at the wits of nothing, then it can affect an even larger society with even greater consequences. I do believe that if we do not take action we will end up harming our environment just as the Easter Islanders once did, and the consequences may be irreversible.

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