Is the Collapse of Easter Island Becoming A Reality?

During our discussion on Tuesday we went into breakout rooms to talk about whether the fall of Easter Island was inevitable or not. We all agreed that it was inevitable in our group while other groups disagreed. I mentioned it was going to happen either way due to the lack of resources they had. They heavily relied on trees which led to deforestation causing the soil to erode, this left them with no source of food. One thing just led to another and everything piled up until they even turned to cannibalism. During class we talked about wildfires occurring and that humans just make it worse, going back to that either way this could have happened if they were or weren’t there. When people did discover it even if it was them or wasn’t, they were going to use the resources no matter what, this is known because this still happens today. I didn’t say this, but something I agreed with was that deforestation was the main reason for the collapse of the island. It seemed to be the biggest problem because, like I said, the lack of trees also left them with no food, this is something I would have mentioned, but didn’t think of it at the time. Other people said  that they believed deforestation was the reason for the fall of the Island as well. After we talked about the collapse of Easter Island we moved on to the next question, were their actions similar, different, or the same as today. I said that even though there are new problems today, we still have the same ones as well. Deforestation still happens, but things have changed adding more problems to what happens to the environment. We have  burning fossil fuels, pollution, and climate change that affects us and that’s just a few wicked problems we face today. We also talked about the similarities between The 11th hour and Easter Island. They both were talking about the collapse of the environment, while one was talking about everything around us the other one focused specifically on the island. What they mentioned in The 11th hour is what happened on Easter Island. It really shows what they talked about in the movie becoming true. It made me realize how wasteful people really are. The class also talked about if we are doing these same things could this be the collapse of the environment around us as well. I didn’t bring this up, but I don’t think this would actually happen. Things are changing rapidly at times, but it has been a long time since then and there are more ways to go about it now. The Island was small as well and they used all of their resources fast not realizing what they were doing. There’s also more ways that people use in replacement of things that are harming the environment to lead to a more sustainable future. You can use less waste by replacing it with reusable products and there are many other ways to make everything better around us.

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