Talking is Hard. but Necessary

Talking is hard. Personally, for me, I do not think it will get any more nerve racking, but I have notice it is easier for everyone else if I try to start the conversation first. One thing that I bring to the conversation with my peers is just starting the conversation itself. Sparking additional conversation is to talk everyone how they feel about the Easter Island. I try to present myself as calm and nonchalant as I can, so people are more comfortable to voice their opinion. If no one is sharing their opinion, I will state mines first and ask everyone if they agree. Explaining your opinion is obvious, but it brings up different things that someone else can state their opinion about Easter Island. This allows people to continue the conversation, even though the group I was in agreed with me majority of the time. When someone states how they thought Easter Island failed, I will try to talk more about their opinion rather than just agreeing or disagreeing. I try to make the conversation mutual, so it feels like everyone contribute to the conversation and the next time we have group discussions they are more inclined to freely speak with other people. I wish we did talk about what happened after the islanders lost all their resources. Are there still people that have descendants from Easter Island, or did they all die? Also, I would like to talk about the cannibalism that took place. This was a serious issue that I felt like was briefly mention as if it was an extra detail.

I already knew some of the issues talked about in the movie and other wicked problems. This is because I was in a class called Environmental Science. This class was about different issues in the world that would be classified as wicked problems. One difference was that it was mainly focused on the United States, so it was easier to think of solutions to the problems the United States were having. I was introduced to these problems, but I never had an actual example of a society that failed because of wicked problems. Easter Island was interesting to learn about because it is an almost direct replica of how different cultures and society use their land and how they interact with one another. One thing that stuck with me was that it seemed like no one cared about the deduction of their resources. Personally, I do not believe no one was trying to help, but based on the article, it seems like it would have to be the very small minority that wanted to stop the overuse of their resources. These people had to be the common person, as I think that Easter Island would have been different if it were the leader that was the environmental conscientious person. This replicates our world as of now because the people who care about the Earth are the minority. Luckily for us, they have a big influence in our society. While this is better than what the islanders had, but it is still not enough as it is not the people who rule or governs our nation. This goes back to having a mutual conversation with our policy makers and, as the people, what kind of rules we want to improve our environmental. The movie was the perfect segway into the conversation, so now it is up to us on vocalizing what we want.

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