A Time for Reflection

Even though it has only been a week since we started discussing, I feel as though I have contributed to being one of the students that talks more or helps get discussions started. I am passionate about the topics that have been brought up in the class, so I enjoy speaking up about them. I know my word choice is not the best, but I know having someone speak up first makes other less timid to speak their mind. I wish we talked more about other issues besides the ones we encountered when watching “The 11th Hour” and reading about Easter Island. I think the ocean is facing a large problem and one that is just as worldwide as deforestation. I have always enjoyed listening to other sides and other opinions, I’ve grown up with a democratic mother and a republican father, I’ve seen them argue over presidents and policies so I know people can have different political views and still care about one another. I think listening to other people is helpful in educating yourself on other opinions and other people’s views on politics. If no one ever talked to a person they disagreed with, they would never see the other side of their ideas. I bring ideas by trying to relate them back to the first topic, so it gives people something to follow and switch what they are thinking about. I am currently left reflecting on the way we treat earth. When the people on Easter Island took advantage, they were unable to live for longer on the island. I believe that were lucky to be on the earth and if we do not change, the earth may cause us more harm than we expect. throughout our discussion for the past week, I have realized how damaged the world is and how much one person can do when not caring for the environment. When watching “The 11th Hour”, It really put into perspective how much waste is dumped, how much trash is made, how many animals we kill for food. While this topic has been talked about before, something about this past week’s discussion hit different. When speaking in my group about Easter Island, we all agreed so there was little discussion, so we briefly agreed on our thoughts and were quiet for the remaining time. We all agreed about the people on Easter Island did this to themselves instead of the earth not providing enough for them or that they were doomed to fail. While the island was isolated, it was still livable, but by using those materials and not saving them or limiting their supplies, they caused their own demise, Looking back over this past week’s discussion, I realized that I am part of the problem. I am aware of the state of the earth and its deterioration, but I have done bare minimum if even that to help change it. I have not sorted all my cans and trash, I have not used reusable bags more than plastic bags and I still have the mindset of “what does it matter if I do it and no one else does. Nothing will change”. If everyone is aware but chooses not to do anything then noting is happening. Having these discussions is nice and eye opening.

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