Are We Inevitable??

Are we inevitable?

When watching the 11th hour, seeing all the world issues that humanity has brought to our planet, the question that stood out traumentousy in my mind was if the failure for humanity and civilization as we know it is inevitable. And this question continued to remain in my mind especially while reading the fall of the easter islanders, comparing their troubles with ours. Of course one can say that we live in a far different world to that of the islanders, and yes our view of the earth and our planet is much stronger than that of an islander. However, very similar choices and mistakes were and are continuing to be made, even though thousands of years have passed. 

So, are we inevitable? In a very simple answer, yes. We most certainly are. Unless action is made, awareness continues to spread, and a plan is put out to turn our planet in a different direction. Immediate action. For example, even though this wasn’t intentional, during quarantine in Italy, everyone was indoors leaving the outside to exist or rather, heal. Pollution decreased incredibly, allowing water in the Venice canals to clear and show life under the surface, such as dolphins and fish. Italy’s Venice canals have not been that clear in a little more than sixty years ago! 

We shouldn’t need a pandemic to tell us when we are over polluting. We definitely do not need another COVID19, but the immediate results we got from the world in quarantine may be the action that we need. We need limitations, we need guidelines, we need some sort of control to decrease the harm that we are doing to the planet. If nothing happens soon, then we will not be able to fix the destruction we caused. If urgent change doesn’t occur, then we will come to a sudden but inevitable end.

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