Are we listening to the Earth?

The Earth’s cries to us are silent, something we don’t always hear until it is too late. We are constantly neglecting our duties of taking care of the environment. It is not a priority in our life, it is something we see as a problem we can solve later. As I spoke with my group, we realized how much Easter Island is a great example of the power we have over our environment. We reflected on how this island’s short history has affected us today in society. Though it has been many years since the collapse of Easter Island, it is important to note what exactly happened and how the collapse could have been prevented. One thing I would have liked to share was the impact of the competition of the clans. The competition between the clans did heavily add to the collapse of Easter Island. It is so important to understand and reflect on history. I think it was really interesting to see how the competition between the clans drove Easter Island to complete depletion of resources. Deforestation began to happen, and there was no return on these environmental damages. Just as explained in the movie The 11th hour, it is so crucial to understand our lifestyles and how they work with the environment. It is very possible to live in harmony with the environment, but we must take time to adapt our lifestyles as well. It is not an easy process, however it is something we must do. Easter Island is a warning to future generations. The 11th Hour movie also demonstrated the devastating effects of the Industrial Revolution. Once we realize Earth has its own rights, only then can we live in harmony with nature. Just as the clans put their own priorities over the earth’s, we also do the same and it is time to realize that. 

A major takeaway I got was that the earth does have natural processes that occur. There are some things that are just simply inevitable. The island for example, did not have an abundance of resources to begin with, and that is out of our control. We can not necessarily get exactly what we want, but we are capable to control what we are given with. The earth will evolve constantly, which is natural. However, is it important to note  we can disrupt earth’s natural processes, which can be extremely devastating. Furthermore, moving on to my next major takeaway, is that we must be mindful of those natural processes. The earth has its own rights and boundaries which we collectively need to respect. The clans’ lifestyle of obsessing over power through competition is an example how our own lifestyle can over take the earth’s needs. We must meet our demands to sustain life, but we also must be mindful of the environment. Once we destroy and cause environmental damage, it is extremely hard or almost impossible to get back what we once had. Mindfulness is something we practice in our own lives for our own health, but it can also be applied to the Earth. Just as we listen to our bodies needs, we must also listen to the environment. 

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