Making a Change on Our Planet

In regard to recent course topics, I feel that I played a good part in contributing to my group’s discussions about The 11th Hour and Easter Island. In my group, we talked about how we thought the collapse of Easter Island was inevitable, whether the humans lived there or not. As a group, we talked about how there are some natural disaster that are going to happen with or without humans. Maybe a hurricane could have come and wiped out a lot of the trees and vegetation, or maybe the island would have lost a vast amount of their trees due to forest fires. There is no way for us to have known whether or not the island would have collapsed because of the humans or not, but I definitely believe the humans sped up the process. We also talked about how the difference between us and them, is that we know that we are damaging our planet, and they did not. After talking about all this, one thing I brought up to my group was how I personally think it is hard to want to do anything to make a change when I cannot physically see the impact I would be making, it almost feels pointless, even though I know it is not. I talked about how I know it is bad to use plastic water bottles, yet I still have a package of them in my fridge. I know that it is bad to use plastic sacs and baggies, but I continue to go to the store without a reusable bag, forcing me to take home plastic ones. Another thing I brought up with my group was how at my home, where I lived with my parents before I moved up here, we started recycling. We started recycling plastic, glass, and cardboard. I was amazed by the amount of plastic, glass, and cardboard we collected over the span of a week. We had a whole section in our garage dedicated to recycling and we would fill up half a truck bed when it was time to take it to be recycled. I definitely think that seeing all the plastic we collected was an eye opener for me in wanting to start to make a change on our planet. This leads me to our second prompt of what I took away from class and the topics we talked about. Talking about the effect us humans have on our planet and how we are slowly killing it urges me to want to start doing small things in my life to make a difference. After our class this past Tuesday, I requested to have a recycling bin brought up to my apartment, so that I could start recycling all my plastic. It is amazing when we started paying attention to all the trash we would collect in just ONE day. I only have one roommate and we take a trash bag out every single day. So, because of this I am really going to try to start with one small act to try and make a difference on our planet.

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