on the verge of collapse

This week I did not contribute enough to the learning community. Instead, I was on breathing treatments due to the damage corona had on my lungs. For that, I apologize for my attendance/ participation. Although what we learned about the Easter Islanders did stick with me this week. As I read along it was hard for me to tell myself that this will not happen in the 21st century but it absolutely can and will if nothing is done. Knowing this honestly had a negative impact on my week. I noticed I have had more anxiety than I have had in a long time, that leaves me feeling sort of empty. Because it is a wicked problem. There isn’t just one thing I or anyone else can do to fix the war humans have taken on Earth. What bothers me the most is the 11th hour and the collapse of Easter Island happened years and years ago, which makes me wonder how much worse things are now. This week it was a challenge to concentrate or even breathe at some points because it feels as though everything around me is collapsing. Even my perception of life and reality itself has crumbled. While we are all inside the world around us is dwindling and I realized that this week. I’ve taken notice of abnormal weather patterns and air quality on a day to day because I truly believe that nature is trying to get our attention: yet, we constantly underestimate and ignore it. As humans we are the most superior beings on Earth and it should be our main priority to protect and restore all life on Earth. 

I agree completely with my group in saying the difference that stands out the most between the challenges we face today and the challenges of the islanders, is the knowledge we hold in our back pockets today. We are aware, we have the information, we have all the data, but nothing will change until we do. The average person would complain about the amount of time spent in quarantine but I see it as an opportunity for the world to reflect on what is actually important. It’s an opportunity to take a look around and see that everything we are doing is wrong and everything being done isn’t going to be enough. Had the Easter Islanders known what we know now I wonder how much differently the outcome of their civilization would have been. 

It is hard for someone like me who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders to hold a conversation that doesn’t involve my concerns for the world. Thats why I really enjoy this class so far. I like feeling like what I’m doing with my time is beneficial to me and others. I apologize again for my participation in class this week, but I understand the density of each topic in this course and that there will not always be a solution. Even being able to learn and grow in the class is going to help me discover how I can leave my footprint here on Earth before it is too late.

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