Shy student speaks out

One thing you might not know about me is that I am very shy. It is a challenge for me to talk in big or small groups. So being shy in the first place and then adding the virtual aspect of talking to people over a screen that I have never met and most likely will never meet, is a struggle. Personally, I feel like I could have brought more to my group. I think if we were in person and I had the pressure of the professor and other groups around me, I would have talked more and contributed a little bit more. I was able to contribute by typing in the word doc for my group and listening to what they were saying. The group I was in was also very shy and not very talkative, so I needed to break out of my shell a little bit and take control and contribute in whatever way I could possible. Something that I wish I would have said to spark more discussion with my group was that I actually disagreed with them. I believed that the Easter Islanders contributed to their own collapse and that it was not inevitable, but I did not say that I just agreed with the group. The reason that I think they contributed to their own collapse is that they did not use all the resources that they had the correct way. They used up all their trees and all the fish before they could even be established as a civilization, ultimately creating their own demise. We have had many great topics of discussion, but one of the main takeaways I have had from this past week is from The 11th Hour movie. Seeing the way that we are treating our planet and not thinking of how it even affects us, is scary. That movie was also made over 10 years ago, so if it was that bad back in 2007, just think about how much worse it has gotten because I know that there have not been any major changes in our society since then. More awareness is being raised about climate change and about pollution than there has ever been before, but I think it might be too late. I believe that people do not think that it is actually a problem happening in our world today. I think that people believe that it is a fake problem that the media is creating, but if you look at the facts and the evidence all around, they will see that our world indeed will collapse eventually just like the Islanders did, and it was not an inevitable thing, it was all our doing. I believe that before any major changes can happen to fix this problem, there needs to be a change in our culture. Our culture thinks that whatever they do has no effect on anything or anyone, we are a very selfish culture, and that way of thinking is very much contributing to the collapse of our world, and we do not even realize it.

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