Sustainability Comes With Personal Responsibility

In a learning community we are lucky to have the ability to connect with students from different regions and different interest in majors. Something that I felt the need to be shared is our interest in taking this class. How has sustainability played a factor in your life? Why is it important? As an architecture student I always wonder how adaptive and changing architecture can be throughout time. In a crucial moment such as a global fight to cool down and save ecologies around the world, my job in the future requires extra careful planning and methods to continue growing cities in a sustainable manor. But in my major, we haven’t really looked into the importance of sustainable design or the dark side of wasteful architecture. This is where we check up on peers in the learning environment. If school curriculum does not address these issues, are students aware of this constant fight? I want to listen to other students and their take on these topics and see if people are conscience about the everyday world around them. To bring new ideas into discussions and to keep people focus and thinking is allowing the question of “what ifs” to circle around the table. In our readings and notes we discussed consequences, but never possible solutions and possible outcomes from them. I wish I reflected on these questions more and talk about it deeply with other people. In a short class like this we are forced to move on from subject to subject.

Last week’s topic, we learned the consequences of greed. Many developed societies have prospered into a world powerhouse because of competition, greed, and monopolizing. We learned as society progress, we produce excess and waste for luxury and to showcase monumental progress to other competitors. Something that stuck with me is how history repeat itself. Easter Island is way before the Industrial Revolution but is a prime example of what modern society can look like if we are not careful enough. Competition, wasted resources, deforestations, and other ecological damages were done to the island through generations brought the island backwards. Being the most progressive people have it sets back, and we can see it in the modern world as well. Many world powers now have done the same thing, the biggest producers of waste are always the wealthiest and the most competitive countries around the world. Many countries that produce the luxuries are going through intense problems with ecological disasters from industrial waste, droughts from agricultural, and health defects from chemicals to produce goods. It made me realize this problem is much bigger and out of our control, but the most simplest thing we can do is to educate and talk to people about the harmful process that their everyday goods come from. I became more aware of how much I waste I use and throw away; I became more careful of what I threw away. I found ways to reuse and recycle, and I also found ways to change my buying habits to avoid the cheap and goods that were not sustainably made. Sustainability is something that no one is educated in, we only know the surface level. Coming back to the topic of talking to peers, especially in different majors to see if sustainability is on their mind. We need to educate people if schools and their curriculum does not emphasize and teach it.

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