The End of the World….. Or Is It?

In today’s world we are faced with many threats to our human society. This week’s topic opened my eyes and made me realize the true state of our environment. In the movie the 11th Hour, the filmmakers introduced ideas that I had never sat and thought about before. Humanity is single handing destroying the world. We have made many problems like global warming political issues, which has been and will continue to be detrimental. In the breakout discussion, there were a numerous amount of perspectives and opinions about the state of our environment. One thing that I contributed to the conversation is the true repercussions of the Industrial Revolution. I believe that the Industrial Revolution was the beginning point that started our bad habits. The Industrial Revolution was a double-edged sword. Without the Revolution we would be forced to live in a world with the absence of new innovations and technology, However the negative outcomes will eventually outweigh the positives.

            The Easter Island mystery is another topic that we explored within our breakout group. When reading Easter Island, the similarities became scary. The islanders I believe were doomed from the start. Within our group this statement facilitated many more ideas on why the island truly collapsed. The islanders did not have a lot to begin with at the start. Three main factors that contributed to the collapse are the lack of biodiversity, the condition of the land, and deforestation. Although the islanders contributed to some of these factors like deforestation, they could not control the condition of the land and the resources they had to work with. Over the years many people have tried to solve the mystery of Easter island, however it is not just one reason why the island collapsed and in time there will be many more discoveries that could have led to the failure.

            I believe that the Easter Island mystery should serve as a warning to humans about the effect we have on the environment. A new ideology emerged after the Industrial Revolution and is still seen today by many which is that humans and the environment are not connected. This however is false, which we can see with the Islanders in Easter Island because although they did not have many resources, they begin to overuse the little that they had leading to the ultimate collapse. For years we have been treating the environment like a limitless piggy bank, taking and destroying it. The 11th Hour film really brought my attention to our global warming phenomenon. The excess burning of fossil fuels is what causes the imbalance in our temperature. The impact is clearly visible and is only getting worse. On top of global warming, deforestation is also putting us at risk for collapse. I personally have not been a huge advocate for the environment and can admit that I do not think about how I am affecting the environment every day, but I am willing to learn and change my ways to save the world. If we do not stand together and put our political views and differences aside the world will collapse like Easter Island.

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