We are suffocating the Earth

“Walking” into this class I honestly did not know what to expect, because I did not know what a wicked problem was. So far in class we have been able to discuss problems or issues in the past and going on right now. I don’t have that much knowledge on the topics of The 11th Hour and Easter Island, but I did grasp a good idea of the main things. Many people that I was able to talk to on Zoom made good points from the reading and movie, and it was interesting to see the different perspectives of others. From what I have seen and heard so far from the two classes I have attended, I can tell that I will experience different perspectives from different people and get to not just know my own knowledge but more. If that makes sense. 

Something I learned and caught was that the Earth isn’t unlimited and we need to take care of it. Deforestation was a struggle in Easter Island and is still one of the biggest ones today. I feel like we take advantage of the trees too much than we think, and overusing the resources the Earth gives us and not being wise about. For example, we need trees to breath, build homes, paper and other essentials, but there are also alternatives that we can consider to save trees and use other resources in our hands. Homelessness is another issue that was addressed in the Easter Island reading, and is one we still faced locally and nationally. I think this issue has never looked into as much as it should, because there is still such a huge population of people being homeless. 

We have to take big responsibility for how our Earth is right now, and how mistreated it is. If we make a change, we have to make a CHANGE. We can say, “Go Green”, but then actually never do it. There are so many elements to go into all the details but we as humans are caught by our own lives, which is normal. I believe that God created the Earth and wants us, his creations, to take care of his masterpiece, even though this is not my forever home. Even through this pandemic, I feel like alot of us have self reflected on the world and the people in this world. There is just so much chaos that we don’t know where to start or what to fix. What is the future going to be like? A question I have been asking myself a lot especially since March, but honestly know one knows, we are living in a time of the unknown. 

A major takeaway from last week’s topic is probably how much the human race actually destroyed and is destroying the Earth. I personally think we can at least make it better but not to the fullest potential because of the kind of society and generation we are currently living in. We have definitely shaken up the Earth, and I feel like a time like now we should make the best of it.

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