We need to LOVE our Planet

Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to say about a topic, especially when you are not completely educated on it. Personally, I have been bad about taking the earth for granted. Even though I’ve been in this class for a short two weeks, it has really opened my eyes to what humans have been doing to the planet we call home. In our breakout groups these past two weeks I honestly have not said a whole lot. Since I am newly learning and understanding this topic of collapse, I have been trying to sit back and listen to what my peers have to say and their take on what we’ve been discussing in class. In most situations I would consider myself an observer. I like to hear and understand other perspectives on whatever is being talked about. This is one of the best ways I have found to learn more information about things going on in the world if the ones talking back up their statements with facts, of course. This is the strategy I used the past two weeks along with watching the movie The 11thHour to learn exactly what it is we are talking about in class. A few times I would chime in with things I did know and personal opinions on things we discussed but more often than not I was trying to have my peers teach me more about collapse and the other small topics we discussed. 

Over the past two weeks I feel like I have learned so much even though it has been a short period of time. I feel like my eyes have been opened to the world we live in. I have tried to think more about the decisions I make when it comes to using a plastic water bottle compared to a reusable one and other things like that. I have been more thoughtful with the way I look at our earth and I have tried to take in its beauty and appreciate the small things. The movie The 11thHour really opened my eyes to how the smallest things we do can impact the earth in such a large way. It has made me want to make a change and learn and practice how to be more sustainable. Talking in the breakout groups has also made me realize how similar I think to the people in my groups. We all discussed how we think about being sustainable all the time but sometimes it is just easier to grab a plastic water bottle out of the fridge than go and fill up a reusable one. We also talked about how we can even be better in our own lives by eating healthier and buying products that are naturally made because not only is it better for us, but it is better for our planet. Lastly, a major takeaway I had this past week was that we have done so much damage to our planet that at this point if we tried to reverse the effects we have caused, our planet would not survive. The best thing we can do is to just be better and take care of and love our planet better.

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