What ADHD and Easter Islanders have in common

I never seem to struggle with finding what to say, whether it is the right thing to say, or not. However, when it comes to in class discussions, I usually tend to have a hard time finding my words. After being diagnosed with ADHD, I realized why it was always so difficult to think of what I was trying to say. Just the diagnoses alone has helped me cope and pushed me out of my shell to find words. During our class discussions about Easter Island and the collapse of it, it was so interesting for me to hear everyone’s thoughts. It always blows my mind that people can learn different things from the same text I was reading. In my breakout group we did not have a set answer for if the fall of Easter island was inevitable or not. I believe it was inevitable and shared my raw and honest opinions with my breakout room. I feel like one way I can always contribute is by being honest. Honesty truly is the best policy and especially when there can be differences of opinions. I feel that if I am honest, it makes others more comfortable to share their opinions. Sometimes it can be scary to be so honest because I know I am usually not right, but my peers have not made me feel less than. Instead they just respectfully pose a different viewpoint and explain their side. Honesty can really spark new conversations. I really enjoyed hearing what my peers learned from the reading assignment. I love that everyone learns differently even when we are all reading the same thing. Part of my ADHD means that I am always being bombarded with hundreds of thoughts, which can lead to some random ideas. But I think that my random thoughts bring some fun into sometimes overly serious conversations and it always gets everyone thinking outside of the box.

Everyone knows about Easter Island but not very much is known. This week I have caught myself constantly thinking about the Easter Islanders. Their lives were so tragic but also crazily wonderful. The fact that they created their own demise from something that gave them so much enjoyment is heartbreaking but also eye opening. Their lives scarily relate to what is happening in the world now. Specifically, with deforestation and rapid population increases. All I can think about now is how we are destroying all of our means of survival, just like the islanders. This also relates with the movie, the 11th Hour, the movie often talked about how we look at the planet as a resource and not something to respect and cherish. Like how corporations are ruining the planet for their selfish gain. Now, every time I see a huge building or a city, all I can do is question what the area looked like before and how much money a corporation made off of deforesting the location. I find myself regularly thinking about the line in the movie where they said, the world will survive but we won’t.

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