Fear… Is It Motivating Us Enough?

This week’s topic of globalization was very insightful to me. At first, I did not entirely understand it but with the help of my peers, I am beginning to understand it more. In our small group discussion, I was able to inform my peers about globalization is good for the environment. I explained how growth in the economy could directly impact sustainability and maintaining our environment. As we continued to discuss, I was able to open my mind up to this idea that humans act according to their selfish ways. For change to be made possible we must not think about ourselves but what is best for the environment. That reality is probably unobtainable given it would be a change everyone must make and there will always be people who will not make that change. I can sit and point fingers every day but even I am not willing to make certain changes. One thing that I would have liked to discuss more was the free market system as a positive asset to the environment. I believe a free or open market presents many positives. Some of these include being able to monitor and manage resource usage through prices, having institutional rules, and independent property rights. Institutional rules give people the confidence to bring their ideas to the table and come up with new solutions. When people have the confidence to maintain their property, there is a focus on sustainability as that is what maintains the property the best. Therefore, there is a shift towards being more sustainable. 

All of this being said, I was stuck on this concept of fear. Some believe fear is what will motivate people to make a change. I applied this to my own life and opinions to see if I felt like that was true. After watching The 11th Hour, I was fearful. I was scared of all the potential things that could happen to our planet given that it feels like we are on a collision course due to our damaging effects. While I was fearful of diversity loss, global warming, forest fires, the Arctic melting, and many others, I did not feel entirely motivated to make a change. I talked about it in depth with my family and friends, but we did not talk about what we were willing to do about it. Perhaps, there are not devastating effects affecting me at the moment and that is why I am not more proactive about it. Going back to what I was saying earlier, humans act in a way that benefits them. We are selfish creatures. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but it does have its consequences. I was left wondering what I was willing to do in response to all of this and have concluded that I would like to start recycling at my apartment. It is only a small change but well worth it to me. 

For my mindfulness this week, I have taken five minutes each day to meditate. I lay flat on the floor, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths. I let my mind empty and focus on my breathing. I picture a square and the only way you can move from each of the corners of the square is breathing in or out. This has been so refreshing. For a few minutes, my mind does not race and I feel calm and peaceful. I have also found that when I get up, I am more focused on my tasks for the day and I am more productive. Mindfulness has been a part of my life for so long and I love getting to continue practicing it. 

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