The Mind, Body, Soul, and …. Environment

I believe that everyone in today’s world can use a little mindfulness. Before this class I did not know anything about mindfulness and was just going through life living. I realized that I never took the time to sit and let my mind wonder. It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday fast pace, however it is crucial that we make time for mindfulness. When we began our mindfulness study in class, I was hesitant because of my preconceived notions about meditation. Once I finally allowed myself to let go, I was amazed. Meditation is a way to practice mindfulness, which enables you to fully examine your mind, body, and soul. After being introduced to the numerous ways to practice mindfulness I began to do further research. Our generation revolves around technology which surprisingly has had some benefits. I was able to find a plethora number of apps that promote mindfulness and meditation. For my iPhone users, Apple music has created a playlist that includes many soothing sounds. This has been my favorite thing to use while meditating because it is very relaxing and allows my brain to slow down. Starting school, after having a five-month summer break, has sent my brain into overdrive. I have found since I have started meditating that I am becoming less anxious and balancing schoolwork better.

            Practicing mindfulness not only improves your mental state, it also allows you to exam your paradigms. In class this week we learned that paradigms are the way we perceive life. There are billions of paradigms in our world today. It is so easy to separate ourselves from the world and not think about how we are all connected. Our paradigms have a heavy impact on our environment. In our breakout discussion the big question was is the dominant social paradigm compatible with sustainability for the world. I personally am pro globalization, because like someone stated in my group globalization is inevitable. I believe that if we waste time trying to stop globalization, we will actually cause more harm to our environment. Globalization can be viewed as a wicked problem. A dominant social paradigm that we have in our world today is motivated by progress and human success , however we should take the environment into consideration because if we continue and are not willing to explore outside of our believes then the state of environment will continue to go downhill. I was a part of the yes team and in the reading, it discussed the benefits of free trade and scientific advancement. Studies show that developing countries suffered more from pollution because they did not have the necessary technology to patrol. I shared this information in the breakout room and had to explain further. Yes, it is true that the developed countries like America produce more pollution then the developing countries we have technology that lessens the harm to our environment. For one to say that in order to live in a sustainable environment we would have to do away with globalization would be absurd. We cannot continue to expand and globalize at the rate we are going without necessary adjustments. This is why we should focus on well-being in mindfulness so that we are able to face problems with a clear head and acknowledge when change needs to be made to better our environment.

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