Anxiety on the Brain

Taking time out of my day for mindfulness is a struggle for me, especially living the college life. I get caught up with everything going on and forget to take time out for myself to relax and enjoy the beauty of our earth. Naturally I  am an anxious person, I got diagnosed with anxiety depression when I was 15 years old, now I am 20. Although it may not seem like a long time, it is very exhausting to my body. For me, I try to be a private person and keep to myself, yet I hate being alone. I have this crippling fear that if I let my guard down everything that has caused a problem in my life will only continue to grow worse. 

A tool I received from this class was meditation. I honestly had never really tried it considering I am an extremely impatient person but, it helped me ground myself. I have never been able to control myself when I am having an episode so for the meditation to help me was a big shock. The only problem with meditation is that I have to actually sit there and get myself to do it. Claiming you need help is always easier than actually getting or doing it. 

I do however believe that on globalization, people should be more mindful. I will admit that I do not do my part as I should but there is always room to grow. I think we are all selfish, it is not necessarily intentional, it is just human nature. Not enough people take into consideration that our home is the earth and we need to respect it instead of destroy it. Something that is easily noticed is how money has complete control over us. It can be hard to want to save the earth when there is a lot of money in the things that destroy it. Although we see money as something  grand, just think what our lives would be like if money was no object or even existent. I feel like technology has also caused a lot of the world problems. Before we had all the advanced technology people were producing their own products and treating the earth with more respect.

As this class continues, I hope to learn more techniques other than meditation that I may be able to use to help myself become better not only at helping my anxiety but to live a more sustainable life as well. It can be easy to give up especially when you feel there is no hope. All we can do is try to stay positive although we live in an unhappy world. If we could all work together I believe that there could be a possibility for the earth to get better. However, looking at statistics and through everyday life it appears to me that the earth may never heal. It is tragic that we have had to grow up in the vision of an unhealthy world. 

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